Changing ownership of your dog

When you purchase a Kennel Club registered dog the breeder would have recorded with the Kennel Club the dog's details and the dog would be registered to the breeder. The breeder provides the Registration Information Document to the new owner so you can change ownership into your name.

By changing the registered ownership of your dog you are showing an official commitment to your dogs wellbeing and preserving the pedigree line of your dog with the Kennel Club.

It is vital that you change ownership as soon as possible so that the correct information is recorded on the Kennel Club database. Additionally in order to show or breed from your dog, it must be registered with the Kennel Club in your name.

How to change the ownership of my dog?

There are three ways you can change ownership of your dog.

  • Transfer ownership online
  • Complete the Registration Information Document and post in the application
  • If you have a MyKC account you can also change ownership by clicking on My Dogs and selecting Add Dog

If you have any questions on changing ownership please contact us on 01296 318540

By changing ownership you will receive:

  • An official personalised Kennel Club Owner Registration Owner Certificate
  • FREE invaluable advice and support throughout the life of your dog
  • Opportunity to show and breed from your dog and maintain the pedigree line
  • 50% discount for the first 2 months when you insure your puppy on the NEW Kennel Club Healthcare Plan

Your registration fee helps support the Kennel Club Charitable Trust - making a difference for all dogs by funding a range of projects from science grants to welfare initiatives, all of which are giving dogs happier healthier lives.


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