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The Kennel Club Announces Eleven New Dogs and Handlers For Agility Team GB 2019

The Kennel Club has announced eleven new dogs and handlers who have been selected onto the 2019 Development programme for Agility Team GB.

They were chosen to train towards a place on the 2019 squad from those who competed exceptionally, as well as those who showed potential as up-and-coming dogs and handlers at the Performance Weekend hosted at Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Campus on Sunday 8 April.

Mark Laker, Agility Team GB Manager said “Following very positive feedback from the handlers on last year’s development programme, I’m pleased we’re able to continue building on the idea of bringing new up and coming handlers and dogs into Agility Team GB. These handlers have been given a unique opportunity to be supported by the coaching team as they prepare for possible 2019 team selection.”

The development programme consists of:

Large Dogs:

Medium Dogs:

Small Dogs:

The team is sponsored by CSJ Specialist Canine Feeds, DOG StreamZ, First Contact, Agility 1st, Nottingham Trent University, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, Animal Trust and supported by the Kennel Club.

The squad qualification process to try out for the 2019 Agility Team GB can be found on the Kennel Club website,

This year, Agility Team GB will be competing at the European Open Agility Championships in Vienna, Austria from 27-29 July, and the FCI Agility World Championships in Kristianstad, Sweden from 4-7 October.