Derbyshire Dog Wins Kennel Club All Aged Spaniel Trial

A year-old Clumber Spaniel from Derbyshire has won the Kennel Club All Aged Spaniel (excluding Spaniel (Cocker) and Spaniel (English Springer)) Trial held at Harvington Shoot, Warwickshire by kind permission of Mr and Mrs R Byrd.

Lemon Rose Huddlestone, handled by Roy Ellershaw and owned by John and Jane Smith-Bodden, was awarded first place at the competition, which saw talented working gundogs tested on their natural working ability.

Mr Ellershaw said: “It was a cracking day. The Gamekeeper put us where the English Springer Spaniel Championship is going to be held which showed just how good the quality is becoming in the minor breeds. The placings were all very close and to have won this award was worth its weight in gold.’’

The judges Robert Aldenton and Andy Hales chose the following winners at the trial:

  • 1st –  Lemon Rose Huddlestone, Clumber Spaniel, handled by Mr R Ellershaw and owned by Mr J R and Mrs J Smith-Bodden.
  • 2nd – Parkforth Lily, Clumber Spaniel, handled and owned by Mr A Parker.
  • 3rd and Gun’s Choice – Midori Diamond Huddlestone, Clumber Spaniel, handled by Mr R Ellershaw and owned by Mr J R and Mrs J Smith-Bodden.
  • 4th – Jubilwell Kayna, Sussex Spaniel, handled by Mr B A Cadwell and owned by Mr B A and Mrs J Cadwell.

A Certificate of Merit was awarded to Sh Ch Pindani Myrtle, Sussex Spaniel, handled by Mr I D Smith and owned by Mrs K and Mr I D Smith.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "This trial was open to all Spaniels other than Cockers and English Springers, and it was great to see such consistent performances from both the Clumber and Sussex Spaniel breeds.

“Our congratulations go to Lemon Rose Huddlestone and Roy for their victory against such tough competition. This result is particularly impressive in a dog so young. We wish them much continued success in the sport in the future.”

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