Changes To Obedience At Crufts With Effect From 2017

The Kennel Club has announced a series of changes to obedience competition at Crufts from 2017.

An Inter-Regional Rally competition is to be introduced to Crufts from 2017, running in conjunction with the popular Inter-Regional Obedience competition which has been taking place at Crufts since 1982.

Obedience and rally competitors will join together from around the UK and make up the seven regional teams: Scotland, Northern, Midlands, Western, Southern, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The competitions will take place on the Thursday and Sunday of Crufts. The exact details are yet to be finalised, however preliminary proposals are that the Thursday will be for lower obedience classes - Beginners, Novice and Class A - and rally levels 1, 2 and 3, with the Sunday featuring an advanced Inter-Regional competition, with obedience Classes B and C, and rally levels 4, 5 and 6.

Following consultation and feedback from obedience competitors and judges, the Inter-Regional Competition will continue to run with the exercises as stated in the G regulations.

The current Team Manager posts will remain until their full three year term is completed at Crufts 2016.  The new Team Manager posts will then be advertised post Crufts 2016, and applications will be invited for each region for both obedience and rally for a further three-year term. Information about the positions will be posted on the obedience and rally pages on the Kennel Club website and via other discipline-specific media.

The move comes in a bid to generate more interest amongst the dog owning public in both obedience and rally. The Kennel Club hopes that by combining the two disciplines at Crufts, a more impressive showcase of the exercises will be presented, which will highlight obedience and rally to those currently not participating in the activities.

It has been further announced that the Obedience World Cup event will cease after Crufts 2016, to be replaced by the above events.

The Kennel Club has no plans to make any changes to the Obedience Championships at this time.

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