Bulldog And Pug Health Education Day Being Held For Breeders

Bulldog and Pug health is the focus of a new education day being run by the Kennel Club at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, on Sunday 11th October 2015.

The Bulldog and Pug Health Improvement Day has been designed for breeders of the two breeds, both novice and experienced, and those considering breeding from their Pug or Bulldog, who want to find out more about the health and welfare concerns affecting these breeds.  The Kennel Club hopes this will help to provide new insight, and cement existing knowledge, which will help to further improve the health of these two breeds.

The education day features seminars on breathing, eyes, skin, weight and body conditioning, and is delivered by renowned veterinary experts. 

Both breeds are classified as Category 3 on the Kennel Club's Breed Watch initiative, as both are breeds in which some dogs can be affected by visible conditions or exaggerations that can cause pain or discomfort.  By helping responsible breeders to more thoroughly understand the often complex health issues in these breeds, the Kennel Club hopes to be able to help them make informed and sensible breeding decisions, which could have a positive impact on the breeds' health overall and help reduce these issues in the future.

The seminars at the Bulldog and Pug Health Improvement Day are designed to help breeders understand and address the most urgent and concerning issues affecting these breeds, and will explore the projects being undertaken to support this, such as the one being carried out by the University of Cambridge, supported by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, into Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). This is a condition the Kennel Club is eager to learn more about, in order to encourage breeders to breed away from it to ensure that Pugs and Bulldogs - two of the UK's most loved and iconic breeds - face a happy and healthy future.

In support of the progress already being made by many thoughtful dog breeders, two experts in eye health and skin diseases will be providing in-depth knowledge of the areas of most concern to the average dog owner and breeder. Professor Sheila Crispin, recent winner of the International Canine Health Lifetime Achievement Award, and Nick Blayney, Kennel Club veterinary advisor, will be on hand so attendees will have the very best expertise to guide them on practical considerations when making breeding plans.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "By gathering experts and veterinary surgeons to run educational talks to breeders of all levels of experience, we very much hope we can continue to steer the future of Pug and Bulldog health in a positive direction.

"There are many responsible breeders already doing their best to breed away from conditions or exaggerations that can cause pain or discomfort, such as those who are a part of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme, and we want to be able to equip even more breeders with the knowledge to do their best for the breeds they love and want to protect. This is why the Bulldog and Pug Health Improvement Day promises to be so beneficial to those who attend."

The seminars being held on the day are:

Seminar One - Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, presented by Nai-Chieh Liu, Dr Jane Ladlow and Dr David Sargan from Cambridge University.  This seminar will feature a discussion of BOAS, how it can be identified and the projects in place at Cambridge University to develop understanding of the condition.

Seminar Two - Eyes, presented by Professor Sheila Crispin MA VetMB BSc PhD DVA DVOpthal DipECVO FRCVS. The eye seminar will give breeders an in-depth look at health and welfare concerns associated with eyes, particularly those concerns that can be present in Bulldogs and Pugs. Breeders will also have the chance to ask Professor Crispin about preventative measures that can be taken to avoid eye concerns.

Seminar Three - Skin and Skinfolds, presented by Nick Blayney BVSc MRCVS.

Nick Blayney will provide breeders with practical advice on how to avoid health and welfare concerns associated with the skin and skinfolds. Breeders will also be provided with advice on how good husbandry can play a role in avoiding skin and skinfold issues.

Seminar Four - Obesity and Body Condition - what the breeder needs to know, presented by Dr Alex German.  This seminar will discuss the reasons for classifying obesity as a disease, provide practical tips for preventing obesity and demonstrate how to determine body condition in a dog.

For more information on the Bulldog and Pug Health Improvement Day, or to book a place online, visit this page

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