The Kennel Club Announces Important Changes To The Olympia Agility Stakes Competition

The Kennel Club has announced the following changes to the Olympia Agility Stakes competition for 2016.

A further heat has been added so there will be sixteen additional qualifying heats spread around the country. This will give more Kennel Club registered societies the opportunity to host a Kennel Club qualifier, and competitors more opportunities to qualify. Please see for more information.

The number of dogs per qualifying heat is being made more consistent, so if entries for an individual heat exceed 360, the class will be split into two equal parts.  If the entry exceeds 540, the class will be split into three equal parts. Classes can be split if there are 300 or more entries but no part, if split, will be fewer than 150 dogs. If the heat is split, then three dogs will be taken from each part and rosettes and awards will be given for each part.

If the class is not split, then the first five previously unqualified placed dogs from the Large and Novice qualifying heats will go forward to the Quarter-Finals, and the first three previously unqualified placed dogs from each Small, Medium and ABC qualifying heat will go forward to the Semi Final.

The number of dogs qualifying to compete at Olympia from the Large and Novice dog Quarter Finals will be reduced to 20 (previously 36) and the Small, Medium and ABC Semi Finals will remain at ten.

Dogs will only be eligible for one final at Olympia and therefore, for example, a dog will not be allowed to compete in the ABC and Novice or Senior Quarter-Final, Semi Final or Final at Olympia.

The Olympia Agility Stakes competition takes place every December at Olympia's London International Horse Show.  For more information, visit

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