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Pekingese Club Amalgamations

The Kennel Club has confirmed the amalgamation of the following Pekingese breed clubs:

The Red Rose Pekingese Club and British Pekingese Club have amalgamated to form the Imperial Pekingese Association.

The Pekingese Reform Association and London & Provincial Pekingese Club have amalgamated to form the London Reform Pekingese Association.

The allocation of Challenge Certificates (CCs) to the Pekingese breed clubs is affected by a complex rotation, which for many of the Pekingese clubs has resulted in them only holding a Championship show every few years.  However, as a result of the amalgamations - and several more which are in process - the newly recognised clubs will be allocated a set of CCs on an annual basis.

It is an unfortunate fact that the number of people currently exhibiting the breed is in decline. As the number of exhibitors decreases, and the number of shows remain the same, the cost to maintain the shows, along with the societies, is on the rise. Similarly, the number of volunteers willing to be officers and committee members of dog clubs is also diminishing.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "Over the course of the year, the Pekingese clubs have worked hard to help to secure their future by reducing the overall number of breed clubs. The Pekingese community should be commended for its initiative and forward thinking in these difficult times.

"Going forward, other clubs with similar complex rotations may benefit from amalgamation and wish to apply. We are keen to work together with clubs which are considering amalgamation and we lend our full support to those that do. This is an important development for the future of dog showing and we hope that this will have a positive impact on dog showing, exhibitors and show societies."

For further information regarding the amalgamation process, please contact the Registered Societies department at the Kennel Club on 01296 318540 or email