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Agility Liaison Council Meeting – 21 January 2016

The next meeting of the Kennel Club Agility Liaison Council will be held at the Kennel Club on Thursday 21 January 2016. Proposals for inclusion on the agenda should reach the Agility Liaison Council Secretary, at the Kennel Club by Friday 23 October 2015.

Each eligible society or an individual may submit items for the agenda, through a council representative.  Proposals must be concise, and if an amendment or an additional regulation is proposed, the regulation number must be given. All submissions must be signed by the society/individual and the representative.

There has recently been a change to the council proposal structure. As of January 2016, an embargo has been placed on any regulation changes within a three-year period, with the exception of urgent matters, those currently under discussion prior to this date, or any matter relating to the health and welfare of the dog or handler. The reason behind the change is that frequent amendments to regulations have made it quite difficult for competitors and judges to keep up to date. It is also felt that regulation changes are not being given enough time for an impact to be seen before amendments are submitted.

All items for inclusion on the agenda should be sent to the Working Dog Activities Team, The Kennel Club, Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB or by email to agility@thekennelclub,org,uk.  A full list of Agility Liaison Council Representatives can be found at: /activities/agility/agility-liaison-council/.