The Kennel Club Approve the Use of the Breakaway Tyre at Agility Shows

The Kennel Club has approved the use of a 'breakaway tyre', manufactured by Jaycee Jumps, at licensed agility shows. The breakaway tyre has been studied in use by the Kennel Club Equipment Panel and approved for inclusion at licensed shows from 1 January 2016.

On the new design (image attached), the lower 'breakaway' section of the tyre is held in place by magnets but may be dislodged by a dog which misjudges their jump and hits it.

When the breakaway tyre is used, dogs will incur 5 faults by dislodging the lower section, whereas on the normal tyre this obviously isn't the case. The normal tyre (on the left of the image) may still be used at shows after this date. 

See the short film below of a dog successfully negotiating the Breakaway tyre and then another with the dog hitting the tyre and dislodging the lower part.

In terms of judging, the current Regulation H(1)(B)5.a.(10) which states 'All other obstacles - 5 faults for failure to negotiate correctly' is sufficient for faulting dogs which have caused the breakaway tyre to either dislodge or break away.

Manufacturers considering producing a breakaway tyre are subject to the approval of the Kennel Club Equipment Panel before their equipment will be accepted at licensed agility shows.

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