Kennel Club Academy previewed at Kennel Club accredited trainers annual seminar

The Kennel Club held the Accredited Trainers Annual Seminar at the Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park on Wednesday 4thNovember 2015, which was attended by around twenty Accredited Trainers.

The seminar featured a session on the upcoming launch of the online learning platform, the Kennel Club Academy. Attendees were given a preview of the Academy and an insight in to how it will work, including tools such as online breed-specific films.

The Accredited Trainers present were then given the opportunity in workshops to comment on the current developments of the Kennel Club Academy to support breed judges' training, as well as providing input to the development of materials for the proposed Breed Judges section of the Academy, prior to the launch of the platform in 2016.

The Accredited Trainers were reassured that the Kennel Club Academy would not replace the current seminars delivered by them, but would enable anyone interested to gain an understanding of what is needed prior to attending a formal seminar, and to enable everybody involved in breed judging and ring stewarding to maintain their knowledge. 

Gerald King, Chairman of the Kennel Club Training Board said: "The online Academy is an exciting development that will be a vital learning platform going forward. It will work in conjunction with the current seminars, providing pre-course learning for people interested in judging. The online education tool will also provide an opportunity for judges and others to refresh their knowledge and keep up to date with what is required of them in the show ring.  

"It was great to see such enthusiasm and hard work from our Accredited Trainers. The insight gained from this year's seminar was invaluable and I want to thank everyone who came for their assistance."

Accredited Trainers are required to attend two annual seminars in every three years in order to continue their accreditation.  This requirement helps to maintain the high standards of Accredited Trainers and ensures that members are aware of the latest techniques and methods.

For more information on the Judges Training Programme and for those wishing to award CCs, please refer to the Kennel Club website

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