Kennel Club Issues Guidance On Securing The Pipe Tunnel In Agility

At a recent meeting, the Kennel Club Activities Sub-Committee discussed the need for pipe tunnels in agility to be safely secured at shows to ensure the safety of dogs competing. As a result the Kennel Club has put together some guidance for agility show organisers/judges to assist with the securing of the pipe tunnel.

The Kennel Club Regulation for the pipe tunnel states that the obstacle should have a diameter of a minimum of 609mm (2ft). At present many tunnels are secured with strapping (approximately two inches wide) or bungees, which when tightened reduce the diameter of the tunnel by sometimes up to two inches or more. As a result, a dog enters a 2ft diameter tunnel and is then faced with a reduced diameter part way in, which for a large dog could be head height.

In an effort to prevent this problem, the use of saddle bags has been recommended as a means of securing the pipe tunnel.  This involves using a PVC type material at least 24 inches wide to wrap over the tunnel which is then fixed in position with stakes through the attached straps/eyelets close to the tunnel. These saddle bag fixings can also be made with a pocket/pouch that can be filled with sand, using a Velcro type fastener, for use at indoor venues when stakes cannot be used. It is probable that there are different variations of this method, but as long as the same practices are followed then the result achieved should be uniform.

More information about securing pipe tunnels can be found on the Kennel Club website at

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