Bedfordshire Dog Trainer Gains Kennel Club Accreditation

Jill Clinch from Bedfordshire is the latest dog trainer to become accredited under the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors (KCAI) scheme.

Jill is the latest KCAI member to be recognised by the scheme after successfully gaining her Companion Dog Training qualification awarded by the Kennel Club, which is the largest organisation in the UK dedicated to dog health, welfare and training.

Jill, who joined the KCAI scheme in 2008, has been involved in dog ownership for many years, from training her own rescue dogs to getting involved in agility and the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme. She has also worked with animal organisations such as The Blue Cross and Canine Partners.

Jill commented: "I'm so pleased to be KCAI accredited in Companion Dog Training. The scheme has encouraged me to expand my canine knowledge considerably. The scheme motivated me to attend seminars and courses to increase my theoretical knowledge but also on a practical level to try many new different dog disciplines with my own dogs.

"I have loved learning new disciplines, watching other instructors teach and trying new ideas. Although building your portfolio can seem daunting at first, it's surprising how quickly it all falls into place. The time and commitment involved has finally paid off, and it was well worth the effort. I hope my accreditation will encourage others to continue working towards their qualification."

Companion Dog Training is just one of the many areas in which trainers can become qualified through the KCAI scheme, which also includes working gundog training, Good Citizen Dog Scheme training and assistance dogs training.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "The KCAI scheme offers trainers a qualification that recognises their specialist knowledge and experience. It provides a quality standard for the canine sector, giving dog owners assurance that their chosen dog training instructor or canine behaviourist has the necessary level of competence.

"From the most popular disciplines, which include companion dog training and rescue and re-homing, through to more specialist areas like working gundogs, competitive agility and heelwork to music, the scheme is tailored to meet the individual trainer's needs."

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