Changes To Obedience Rules And Regulations

The Kennel Club General Committee has recently approved the following amendment to the obedience regulations to come into effect on 1st January 2016:

Amendment to Regulation G(C)4.f.(1)

An amendment to include a recall, with the introduction of a finish for the Introductory class, was approved by the General Committee at its meeting on 7 October 2014.  This subsequent amendment is required in the interests of consistency, which will bring the Regulation into line with Regulation G(A)5.(3) which stated that the detailed test would include:

(3) Recall with a finish on lead, off lead or long line, at the handler's choice         

Therefore the amendment is as follows:

Regulation G(C) 4f. (1)


f.   Recall-

(1)  Introductory Class to Novice: At the start of the exercise the dog should be in the sit or down position (handler's choice of position) at the handler's left side. On command, the handler shall leave the dog in the direction instructed. When instructed, the handler will halt and then turn to face the dog. When instructed, the handler will recall the dog which must return briskly to the "present" position and sit. When instructed, the handler will command the dog to go to the heel position on the handler's left side and sit in the "heel" position.In the Introductory Class finishing the dog to the "heel" position is not included in the exercise.

The General Committee has also recently approved the following amendment to the regulations which will come into effect immediately:

Insertion of new Regulation G24. J

A dog must not compete in the same class more than once, including special classes.

Further details regarding the listed amendments and regulations can be found in the obedience section of the Kennel Club website: If you have any queries or concerns regarding the changes, please contact the Working Dog Activities Team via or by calling 020 7518 1013.

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