Changes To Agility Rules And Regulations

The General Committee has recently approved the following amendment to the agility regulations highlighted below, which will come into effect on 1st January 2016:

Amendment to Regulation H(1)(A)3.b.

The following amendment is to be made which will allow for the height of the dog walk to be reduced in special classes aimed at older and/or inexperienced dogs.  

Regulation H(1)(A)3.b. 


Where special classes are classified for older and/or inexperienced dogs, the height of the hurdles, the A-ramp, and the dog walk, and the length of the long jump, may be reduced below the dimensions specified in these regulations, in which case such dimensions must be included in the class definition in the schedule.

The General Committee has also recently approved the following amendment to the regulations which will come into effect immediately:

Insertion of new Regulation H11.i

A dog must not compete in the same class more than once, including special classes.

Further details regarding the listed amendments and regulations can be found in the agility section of the Kennel Club website:

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the changes, please contact the Working Dog Activities Team via or by calling 020 7518 1013.

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