Kennel Club Issues Directives For Accredited Trainers And Seminar Organisers

The Kennel Club Training Board has issued new directives to enable Accredited Trainers and show organisers to better plan their seminar schedules.

In December 2014, the Training Board discussed the duration and practicality of seminars being held on the same day, and considered the comments from the 2014 Annual Accredited Trainers Seminar.

The Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar and Ring Stewarding seminar were noted to be full day seminars, and therefore these seminars should not be held on the same day for the same audience.

It was suggested that club shows were an ideal environment to carry out the Points of the Dog Assessments, and Accredited Trainers are advised to stagger the times to ensure that delegates do not have to wait around unnecessarily. 

The Board confirmed that it is recommended that delegates should sit the Points of the Dog Assessmentbeforeattending the Conformation and Movement Seminar. Accredited Trainers and organisers are advised that it is preferable that these are not both held on the same day, except in exceptional circumstances. Points of the Dog sessions can be held as standalone events, or alternatively as short sessions for a select number of delegates following the Ring Stewarding seminar only.

The Board confirmed that the office had the authority to refuse applications for seminars to be held on the same day where appropriate.

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