Obedience Regulation Changes For 2016

The following amendments to the Obedience 'G' regulations have recently been approved by the Kennel Club General Committee and will come into effect on 1 January 2016.

Regulation G33.d. Judges and Judging

At present, the wife, husband or partner of a judge cannot compete with a co-owned dog at a show that they are judging at and as a result, shows are losing entries. This regulation change therefore allows for a dog in co-ownership with a judge at a show to compete at the same show, provided it is not judged by one of the co-owners.

Therefore Regulation G33.d is amended as follows:


Judges at Obedience Shows must not enter for competition a dog which is recorded in their sole ownership, or handle a dog, at the Show at which they are judging. A dog recorded in part ownership with the Judge may be entered for competition in any part of a class other than the part which the Judge is judging.

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G37.a.(7) Disqualification and Forfeit of Awards

As a result of the change to the above regulation, it is also necessary to amend G37.a. (7) as follows:


Exhibited for competition or handled in the ring by a judge of dogs at that show, except where a dog is recorded in part ownership with the Judge, in which case the dog may be entered for competition in any part of a class other than the part which the Judge is judging.

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Regulations G(A)5.f(1) and G35(g) Introductory Class

These changes are to address ambiguities within the G Regulations regarding the use of a toy in the Introductory class.

Regulation G(A)5.f(1) is amended as follows:


Play with dog for 15-30 seconds on or off lead at the handler's choice. Handlers may use a silent toy.

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Regulation G35(g) accordingly amended as follows:

Food and/or toys shall not be carried or given to a dog under test except in Introductory Class where silent toy and food rewards may be used in accordance with the Introductory class Regulation and in a Special Class if specified in the class definition.  Competitors must not distract other dogs when rewarding their dog with food, toy or play.  (Refer to Obedience Code of Conduct).
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Regulation G35.d. Competing

This is to formalise existing custom and practice, and is in the interests of clarity.  Many judges like to include the pet name of a dog in their show report.

Regulation G35.d. is amended as follows:


Nothing may be carried, worn or displayed by a handler or a dog during judging which is capable of indicating the identity of the dog or owner nor must anything be said or any action taken which identifies the dog other than by exhibit number. If requested by the judge or ring steward a handler may (at their choice) disclose their first name and dog's pet name for possible show report use.
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Regulation G(C)4.h. Food and Toys in the Introductory Class

This change is to ensure that theuse of food and toys in the Introductory Class should not extend to the stay ring, where their use may present problems for other competitors in other classes as stays for the Introductory class now take place in the main stay ring, and that commands within the stay ring should be consistent in all classes.

RegulationG(C)4.h. is amended as follows:


Stays in ALL classes - The Judge or Steward will direct handlers to positions in the ring. The command "Last Command" will be given and handlers should then instantly give their final command to their dogs. Any further commands or signals to the dogs after this "Last Command" will be penalised. Handlers will then be instructed to leave their dogs and walk to positions indicated until ordered to return to them. These are group tests and all dogs must compete together, but where this is impracticable at an indoor show, the class may be equally divided but the judging for the groups must be consecutive.

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Regulation G(A)5.c Introductory Class

This addresses an ambiguity in the G Regulations relating to stays in the Introductory Class where extra commands or signals in the stay ring, in any class, may potentially be intimidating to other dogs in the ring at the time and should not be permissible in any class.

Regulation G(A)5.c is therefore amended as follows:


Handlers will not be penalised for encouragement or extra commands in all exercises except stays

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