Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme Announces New GCDS Supermatch

Winners of Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme (GCDS) Breed Classes in 2014 and 2015 will have a new opportunity to go 'head to head' against each other this year with the introduction of a prestigious new competition - the GCDS Supermatch - to be held at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh on 29thNovember 2015.

The GCDS Supermatch will only be open to dogs in the GCDS Breed Classes at General, Group or Single Breed Championship Shows. To be eligible, dogs must be:

  • Winner of a GCDS Breed Specific Class (single or mixed sex) at a General or Group Championship show, or
  • Winner of a GCDS Class (single or mixed sex) at a Breed Specific Championship Show, or     
  • Placed 1st- 5thon each day in the AV GCDS Stakes Classes held at General or Group Championship shows.

The qualifying period will run from 1st November 2014 to 31st October 2015 so dogs can qualify retrospectively with awards won within this period. To enter GCDS Classes at Championship shows, all dogs must have achieved at least the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme Bronze Award level.

Maurice Cooke, GCDS Working Party Chairman, said: "For some years the Good Citizen Dog Scheme has been supporting breed shows through the GCDS Classes at Group and General Championship Shows. The GCDS Supermatch will introduce a new element of excitement and competition for Good Citizen dogs and help to highlight the role of the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme in providing training and welfare education to owners across the whole spectrum of dog activities."

The GCDS Supermatch itself will be held on Sunday 29thNovember 2015 at the Kennel Club Building at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. It will be limited to a maximum of 128 entries (64 dogs and 64 bitches) and places will be allocated in the order in which applications are received. The final closing date for entries will be Monday 2ndNovember 2015 (received by). Entry forms will be available from early September 2015.

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