Dog Owners In North Notts Urged To Have Their Say On Proposed Restrictions

The UK's largest dog welfare organisation, the Kennel Club, is urging dog owners in North Nottinghamshire to have their say on proposals which could restrict where people can walk their dogs in the area.

Bassetlaw District Council is able to restrict dog access in the county through Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), which replaced Dog Control Orders, under the Anti-social, Crime and Policing Act 2015.  PSPOs can exclude anyone with dogs from certain areas, ensure dogs are kept on leads at all times in certain areas, and limit the number of dogs a person can walk at one time.

The council is currently consulting the public to determine if there is a need for further dog restrictions in the county, including areas in which dogs should be kept on leads and dog bans on a number of playing fields across the district. The Kennel Club's campaign group, KC Dog, is alerting its members and local dog owners to the consultation to ensure that the outcome is as fair as possible for all parties.

Specific restrictions the council is consulting on include bans on certain playing fields in areas such as East Markham, Gringley-on-the-Hill and Carlton in Lindrick.  The Kennel Club believes that total bans for dogs on public open spaces must be necessary and proportionate and should only be used as a very last resort, as open spaces can be ideal for dogs to be exercised off lead, which is important for canine health and wellbeing.

Furthermore, the Kennel Club holds the view that any ban on dogs from public spaces should be based on evidence and only implemented if there is a genuine need, such as to safeguard certain wildlife that can be affected by dogs, or to protect the wellbeing of both people and dogs.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "It is crucial that as many dog owners as possible in North Nottinghamshire have their say on the potential restrictions, to enable the council to make an informed and fair decision for everyone who enjoys the local area.

"Some aspects of PSPOs, such as the requirement to pick up after a dog, are very sensible measures to help promote responsible dog ownership. However, other aspects such as a complete ban on dogs from certain areas are less reasonable and unlikely to be welcomed by the many responsible dog owners in the area whose pets enjoy local public spaces without any issue.

"Government guidance highlights that Bassetlaw District Council has many other options at its disposal, such as Acceptable Behaviour Contracts and Community Protection Notices, which target enforcement action at the minority of anti-social dog owners, rather than penalising everybody for the irresponsible actions of a few; so we would much rather see these being utilised.

"We hope that any new laws regarding dogs in North Nottinghamshire are balanced and proportionate and will allow responsible dog owners who simply want to keep their dogs fit and healthy by exercising them in public open spaces to continue to do so.

"We appreciate that Bassetlaw District Council has consulted directly with the Kennel Club, as a national organisation which gives a voice to dog owners, and we have expressed our views on the proposed restrictions accordingly and would strongly recommend local dog owners do the same."

For further details on the consultation, and to respond to it, visit  The consultation closes on 30 April.

KC Dog is a dog owner campaign group, free to join, which keeps members updated on dog access issues, and other relevant Kennel Club campaign issues, which may affect dog owners across the country.  Visit for more information and to join.

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