Kennel Club Terminates Agreement With City Of London Corporation Over Buckinghamshire Dog Bans

The Kennel Club has terminated an agreement on responsible dog walking it signed with the City of London Corporation in 2011, following the Corporation's recent  decision to introduce dog control orders (DCOs) at Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire that include provisions which the Kennel Club believes are unjustified.

Within the agreement, the City of London agreed to 'strive for local consistency, balance and proportionality in the management of dog walkers by working in partnership with local authorities'.  It is the Kennel Club's view that there was a substantial and intentional departure from this principle at Burnham Beeches by the Corporation, as it completely dismissed the objections of the Kennel Club as well as the primary authority for DCOs, South Bucks District Council, and the statutory access authority, Buckinghamshire County Council, by imposing a year-round ban on dogs being walked off lead across 59 per cent of the site. 

Furthermore the City of London's officers failed to highlight the very clear concerns and objection of Dogs Trust to the proposals in the most recent committee report to members, and instead falsely stated that the charity was fully behind the proposals.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We are extremely disappointed that the need has arisen to terminate the agreement with the City of London Corporation, but we could not continue with it given that they are in direct breach of their principles to remain balanced and proportionate and to ensure that dog walkers feel welcome when using the centuries-old public open space that the Corporation controls.

"Having developed good relationships with local dog walkers who use the site on a daily basis, we share their concerns that the City of London is not taking a balanced approach, and is unnecessarily targeting dog walkers because of the views of a very small minority.

"Throughout the consultation process and discussions held with the City of London, their motives for the dog control orders seemed to change a number of times, further showing that there is no clear and justifiable reason for such an extreme restriction on dog walkers, especially when Government advisors, Natural England, have explicitly said the off-lead ban is not needed to protect wildlife.

"The Kennel Club has never had to cancel an agreement like this before, and it is a great shame that it has not been a success.  We signed a very similar agreement with the Forestry Commission in 2005 which continues to work very well, with any restrictions on Forestry Commission land staying balanced and proportionate, which is a far cry from the restrictions at Burnham Beeches."

The Kennel Club will continue to work with the City of London on promoting responsible dog ownership through organised education events - and remains poised to oppose any similar unjustified moves to restrict long-standing access - at other open spaces it controls such as Hampstead Heath and Epping Forest.

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