New Process For Nomination Of Judges For Spaniel Championships

The Kennel Club is implementing a new procedure for nominating judges ahead of the 2017 Spaniel Championships.

For the 2017 Spaniel Championships, societies will be required to adhere to the following newly revised process:

  • Notice will be issued to societies in the 2014 winter edition of the Field Trials Newsletter to nominate four A Panel judges for the 2017 Championships. Societies are required to gain consent from those being nominated and to submit their proposals by March 2015.
  • Results from societies, with a tally of how many nominations each judge received, will be presented at the next available Field Trials Sub-Committee (FTSC) meeting in 2015. The FTSC will be required to recommend eight judges for each Championship.
  • Once the General Committee has approved this, the judges will be written to and invited to judge.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "In recent years there has been a decline in the number of field trials societies taking part in the nomination of judges for the Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Championships and we are eager to see more people getting involved.

"It is important that societies familiarise themselves with the current process and how it will change for the 2017 Spaniel Championship."

For the 2016 Spaniel Championships the process will remain the same as the one currently in place. Societies are required to put forward nominations for eight A Panel Spaniel Judges before 30 November 2014. At the Field Trials Sub-Committee meeting in February 2015 a shortlist of eight nominees per Championship will be created.

For further information about the new process for nominating judges for the Spaniel Championships, please email

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