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Lagotto Romagnolo And Spanish Water Dog Allocated To Alternate Gundog Sub-Group

The Kennel Club General Committee has approved the decision to include the Lagotto Romagnolo and Spanish Water Dog in the Any Variety Spaniel [except Spaniel (Cocker) and Spaniel (English Springer)] gundog sub group, also referred to as the 'Minor Breeds Spaniel' sub group for field trials.

This decision was taken following an assessment held at the Kennel Club Gundog Working Test, held at the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire in May 2014, during which dogs from each breed proved their ability to hunt well, quarter naturally and act responsively to commands given by voice or whistle.

The assessors were of the view that the most suitable sub-group for both Lagotto Romagnolos and Spanish Water Dogs was the Any Variety Spaniel sub group as neither the HPR or Retriever groups were considered appropriate. Both breeds have been allocated to this sub group for a three year period after which the position will be reviewed.

The committee noted that some Minor Breed Spaniel trials had been cancelled in the past due to lack of entries and it is hoped that the addition of these two breeds may assist in increasing the number of entries at these trials in the future.

The classification will take place with immediate effect and Lagotto Romagnolos and Spanish Water Dogs will be eligible to compete in working tests and field trials in the 2014/15 season.

Further information about the allocation of the Lagotto Romagnolo and Spanish Water Dog can be obtained by emailing