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Kennel Club Introduces New Challenge Certificate Policy For Championship Shows

The Kennel Club has announced the first policy change to result from the work of its Dog Show Promotion Working Party, which is looking into ways to improve and increase the popularity of dog shows.

Following a recommendation from the working party, the Kennel Club has introduced a new policy to allow breed clubs to hold their Championship shows in conjunction with another club, or with a larger General or Group Championship show. Effective from 1 January 2015, this new policy will allow two sets of Challenge Certificates in the same breed to be awarded at two different Championship shows on the same day, at the same venue.

As a result of this change in policy, breed clubs and General Championship show societies, as well as exhibitors and the show itself, can benefit from sharing a venue. It is hoped that working in partnership in this way will lead to increased show entries and will therefore be of mutual benefit to the world of dog shows. Societies which choose to adopt this initiative should advise the Kennel Club of their intention once a formal written agreement has been formed between the two societies.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "The Dog Show Promotion Working Party has been considering a number of ways in which dog shows can be improved upon as part of its dedicated strategy to re-popularise dog shows.  We believe this is an important development for the future of dog showing and hope that this, along with other Working Party initiatives, will have a positive impact for dog showing."

The Kennel Club has published a set of FAQs to assist show societies, exhibitors and judges with the implications of this new policy, which can be viewed here. In addition to this, updated specimen schedules will be available on the Kennel Club website to reflect the changes. Clubs may also be interested to know that those clubs which adopt this policy are permitted to share a schedule if they so wish.

Keith Young, Dog Show Promotion Working Party Chairman, said: "We believe that this proposal will have a positive impact on the show calendar by increasing the number of available show dates, and that it will be advantageous to both show societies and exhibitors as it will lead to a reduction in costs for all concerned."

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