Fife Dog Trainers Get Kennel Club Accreditation

Sam Perkins and William Anderson from Leven in Fife are the latest dog trainers to become accredited under the Kennel Club Accredited Instructors scheme (KCAI).

Sam and William are the latest to be recognised by the KCAI after successfully completing both the 'Companion Dog Training' and the 'Good Citizen Dog Scheme' qualifications which are offered by the Kennel Club; the largest organisation in the UK dedicated to dog health, welfare and training.

67 year old Sam has been a dog trainer for approximately 24 years and completed his dog training instruction at Leven and District Dog Training Obedience Club in Leven, Fife.

53 year old William first became interested in dog training when he took his first dog along to his local club in 1986, a rescue dog which didn't enjoy walking on a lead. William later became club secretary and a trainer at Leven and District Dog Training Obedience Club.

Sam said: "My friend Bill (William) Anderson and I started studying together about six years ago. It was a long slog and I had two attempts at it, so when I did get the accreditation, believe me, success was sweet! You've probably heard the old saying 'if you like doing it it's not work' - well, training doesn't feel like work to us as we both enjoy working with people and their dogs. We feel even more confident as we learnt a lot during our course. Also it will reassure potential clients that they will receive approved methods of training, not only approved by the Kennel Club but by City and Guilds as well."

William said: "I was over the moon when I found that I had been accredited. I have a full time job as well, but there's nothing more relaxing than when I'm out walking or training with the dogs. I enjoy working with handlers and their dogs who come to the club for help, and feel more confident being accredited as I can now put all my newfound skills into practice. I would recommend this scheme to all dog trainers or people who want to get into dog training. Dog owners can trust a club at which trainers have been approved by the Kennel Club."

Companion Dog Training and the Good Citizen Dog Scheme are just two of the many areas in which trainers can become accredited. The KCAI Scheme promotes instructors and advisors who are accredited in a range of disciplines including working gundog training, rescue and rehoming work, competitive agility & obedience, and assistance dogs training.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "The KCAI scheme offers trainers a City & Guilds teaching qualification that recognises their unique knowledge and experience. The scheme provides a quality standard for the industry, ensuring that dog owners can be assured that their chosen trainer or behaviourist has the necessary knowledge and experience.

"From the most popular areas, such as companion dog training or rescue and re-homing, through to more specialist disciplines like working gundogs, competitive agility and heelwork to music, the scheme is tailored depending on the individual trainer's requirements. Congratulations to Sam and William on becoming accredited in Companion Dog Training and the Good Citizen Dog Scheme."

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