Changes to the Kennel Club's dog and bone number

The Kennel Club and Petlog's phone numbers have changed in order to ensure best value for money for customers.

The phone number changes, which are effective from today (20th October), will see the Kennel Club switch to geographical numbers from the existing non-geographical numbers starting with 0844 or 0870.

The change will mean that all customers will only be charged the standard rate for calls, regardless of whether they call from a landline or a mobile. This is different to the current non-geographical numbers, which are charged at a standard rate by the Kennel Club, but which may be subject to additional charges from mobile network providers.

The old numbers will remain temporarily in use but customers calling these will hear a recorded message advising that additional charges, beyond the standard rate, may apply and will be given the option to redial using the new numbers.

The new Kennel Club numbers are:




Kennel Club Main Number

0844 463 3980

01296 318540

Petlog Main Number

0844 463 3999

01296 336579

Petlog Lost & Found (Reunification

0870 606 6751

01296 737600

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