Kennel Club Offers New ‘Clicker And Target Training’ Qualification

The Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Scheme (KCAI) continues to raise and set standards of training and advice in the UK with the introduction of the latest Accreditation route in 'Clicker and Target Training'.

This new qualification is aimed specifically at those running clicker and target training classes or workshops. It also covers people's active involvement with clicker and target training and its use within general training, sports, activities and problem solving. 

The KCAI has introduced this module to highlight the power and potential of clicker and target training, the precise skills required and its effect as a tool in communication, teaching and learning.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "The KCAI module in 'Clicker and Target Training' offers those running training classes or workshops in that field a national qualification and recognised standard to work towards, ensuring that Accredited Instructors can offer a safe, knowledgeable and professional service for pet owners.

"Clicker training has now been recognised as one of the most effective and motivational tools in dog training and is based on positive reinforcement. The release of the new module is in line with the KCAI principles of kindness, fairness and good welfare."

The KCAI also recently changed the wording of its Code of Practice to support the Kennel Club's campaign against electric shock collars and now includes a ban on using shock collars or other aversive methods, to ensure the safety and welfare of dogs across the UK.

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