Kennel Club Issues Directives To St Bernard Club Of Scotland

A report on the St Bernard Club of Scotland was made to the meeting of the Kennel Club's General Committee held on 18 November 2014.

The Committee noted the unacceptable level of correspondence regarding this club, and the tone and content of responses from the club's officers. The Committee issued the following directives to the club (vide Regulations C2.f.; C3.a.(2);C3.a.(11); C3.a.(14): C4.a.(1)(c); C6.a.).

  1. That the club must process all outstanding membership renewals without further delay.
  2. That the club must process the requisition for a Special General Meeting and convene the meeting at a mutually agreed time, date and venue.
  3. That the club must submit membership lists for 2013 and 2014.
  4. That the club must confirm the current composition of the committee, and submit the dates and minutes of committee meetings at which any co-options were approved.
  5. That failure to comply within seven days may result in suspension of the club.
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