I Lost Four Stone All Thanks To My Dog

A 43 year old woman from Isle of Man, Tracey Watt, has lost four stone walking and competing in dog agility with her dog, Mojo, a Labrador.

Tracey is keeping fit with the help of her dog as part of the Kennel Club's Get Fit With Fido campaign and has gone from a size 22 to a size 14, losing a total of four stone. 

Tracey said: "I put on weight after my elderly Border Collie was nearing the end of his life and he didn't need much exercise. Shortly before he passed away in 2010, we decided to get a new puppy."

Tracey started off by taking Mojo to training and then onto agility, and realised that if she wanted to progress she needed to get into shape. After struggling through a particularly bad training agility lesson, Tracey went home and registered for Weight Watchers. The pair now walk 30 miles a week, train for agility two or three times a week and Tracey often attends exercise classes. 

Tracey continued: "Getting Mojo changed everything, I needed to get fitter and shed some pounds to compete, I was doing it for Mojo and me. I weighed over 16 stone when I registered for Weight Watchers, which is the most I had ever weighed and I knew it was time for action." 

Describing the benefits of keeping fit for herself and Mojo, Tracey said: "I didn't want to lose my weight too quickly as I had done this before and ended up putting more on. Over the last three years, I have lost over four stone thanks to Weight Watchers, walking miles with Mojo and training him for agility competitions. My self-confidence has increased a lot and Mojo keeps me motivated every day. I feel like I've got the perfect fitness partner." 

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "Reports indicate that between 30 and 60 per cent of all dogs are overweight, so it is more important than ever that we keep our dogs happy and healthy. There are so many activities that owners can get involved in to help improve their fitness and lose weight. Tracey and Mojo highlight the importance of improving fitness for both dog and owner and the incredible benefits it brings."

The Kennel Club's Get Fit With Fido campaign encourages dogs and their owners to get fit together to improve both health and fitness. All dog owners who enter Get Fit With Fido will receive a 20 per cent discount on Crufts and Discover Dogs tickets; as well as advice, tips and tools for owners.

In addition to the education campaign, Get Fit With Fido includes a Challenge that rewards the dog and dog owner who jointly lose the most weight, and the dog owner and dog who individually lose the most weight, with the help of exercising together.  Prizes on offer for the winner of the 2014 Get Fit With Fido Challenge include a one night stay at the dog friendly 4* boutique townhouse hotel, Flemings Mayfair; a luxury dog bed from Charley Chau and Champagne Afternoon Tea for Two at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington.

For more information on the campaign please visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk/getfitwithfido.

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