Kennel Club Announces Launch Of Online Obedience Newsletter

The Kennel Club is introducing a new online newsletter for fans of obedience. The newsletter will be issued twice a year by email to anyone who signs up via the Kennel Club website,

The newsletter is designed with the aim of providing the latest information about obedience, highlighting forthcoming Kennel Club obedience events and answering frequently asked questions whilst presenting the fun side of the activity. The newsletter will include all regulation changes, alongside helpful explanations of some of the more complicated rules and regulations for the benefit of competitors.

The Kennel Club wants to encourage those involved in obedience to let us know what they would like to see featured in future editions. Suggestions should be emailed to

The first issue, due out later this month, will highlight some of the exciting obedience action that took place at Crufts 2014. It will feature the latest obedience news and there will also be reminders from the Activities Sub-Committee and clarification of how the Obedience Liaison Council makes recommendations to committee.

To make sure you don't miss out on receiving future editions, sign up today via

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