New Scheme To Support Category 3 Breeds At General And Group Shows Announced By Kennel Club

The Kennel Club has announced the introduction of a new scheme for General & Group Championship Show Societies to support category 3 breeds (formerly known as high profile breeds), as part of the Kennel Club's Breed Watch initiative, in their work to improve breed health.

The aim of the scheme is to provide opportunities for category 3 breeds to undertake health assessment testing of dogs entered at their shows. These testing sessions will be of enormous value in helping to increase the amount of health data available, which in turn will provide essential information upon which the status of the breeds' health can be measured.

Leeds Championship Dog Show facilitated breed specific testing at its show in July 2013 for Pekingese and has organised the testing again at its show in July 2014. Secretary, Liz Stannard, who is also joint Breed Health Co-ordinator for Pekingese, said: "We are delighted to have been able to offer the testing at no cost to the exhibitor and no additional cost to the society.

"Seventeen Pekingese completed a basic health assessment with the vet at the 2013 show, which is a very useful number to add to the health information database for the breed. The initiative is a positive way for General and Group Societies to contribute to the health initiatives and work undertaken by category 3 breed representatives and the Kennel Club."

The Kennel Club has issued the following guidance on the category 3 breed specific testing at General and Group Championship Shows:

The scheme is optional and societies are not required to support category 3 breeds with breed specific health assessment testing.

If societies would like to undertake the scheme, it is recommended that it supports no more than one breed per day at its shows. For example, testing offered for Bulldogs on Toy/Utility day and Basset Hounds on Hound/Terrier day.

It is the responsibility of the show society to check if its appointed veterinary surgeon is willing to conduct the additional testing. In some cases vets may not charge any additional fee to conduct additional testing outside of the required veterinary health checks. However it is at the vet's discretion to charge societies as appropriate for testing at shows. Therefore it is recommended that the society confirms these details in advance of contacting a category 3 breed to offer support at its shows.

It is recommended that breed specific health assessment testing is arranged in the morning of shows or at the earliest convenience, as the breed specific testing must not conflict with the required veterinary health checks.

It is the responsibility of the Breed Health Co-ordinator, Health Assessment Scheme Administrator or Breed Health Group to provide an approved health assessment form, veterinary guidance and owner guidance. Copies of all documents should be given to the veterinary surgeon for their reference in advance of the show.

It is recommended that at least one breed representative attends the show to facilitate the breed specific testing.

For breed specific testing a microchip scanner will be needed; therefore the vet or breed representative(s) should be made aware of this and suitable arrangements made.

All arrangements for breed specific testing at General and Group Championship Shows should be undertaken by breed representative(s), the show society and the veterinary surgeon.

For more information or queries relating to the breed specific health assessment testing scheme, contact Kennel Club High Profile Breed Co-ordinator, Charlotte McNamara, by email or by phone on 020 7518 1012.

More information on Breed Watch and its three categories can be found at

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