Agility Regulation Changes Made By The Kennel Club

The General Committee has approved the following amendments to the Agility 'H' Regulations, which will come into effect on 1 January 2015.

Amendment of Regulation H19.a. (Approval of Judges)

In an effort to increase the pool of options for potential Championship judges, Regulation H19.a. has been amended to allow individuals to apply for approval to award Championship Agility Certificates, without having been nominated by a Championship society first. The Regulation will be amended to read as follows:


…Individuals may apply to the General Committee for approval to award Championship Agility Certificates for the first time, provided that the judge has fulfilled the minimum criteria in accordance with Regulation H19.b. Subject to approval judges would be included on the list of Approved Championship Agility Judges.

(Addition underlined)

Amendment to Regulation H(1)2. (Definition of Agility)

An amendment to Regulation H(1)2. has resulted in a new definition for agility. Where the current Regulation defines agility as 'fun competitions' the regulation will now consider agility as a competitive activity. The Regulation will read as follows:


Agility Shows are considered to be "fun competitions" designed for enjoyment by competitors, their dogs and for appeal to spectators.Agility is a competitive activity for handlers and their dogs, for which the dogs must be fit and healthy. It is designed for the enjoyment of competitors, their dogs and to appeal to spectators.Informality is encouraged and maximum discretion is granted to Societies within the constraints of safety and these Regulations. Nothing may be included in an Agility Show which could endanger the safety of the dogs competing, the handlers or the spectators.

(Addition underlined)


Amendment to Regulation H(1)(B)3. (Obstacles)

Regulation H(1)(B)3. (Obstacles) has been amended to ensure the conformity of equipment used at agility shows and make sure competitions are fair for those wishing to compete.



Obstacles. - The following obstacles meet with the approval of the Committee of the Kennel Club.However, organisers may submit other obstacles for approval, if desired.Any changes to current obstacles (such as materials used, structure or style) or any other new obstacles must be submitted for approval by the Kennel Club before being made available for use at its licensed events.

        (Addition underlined)

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