Retriever Trial To Be Held At Croglin

The Kennel Club is holding its All Aged Any Variety Retriever Field Trial, on grouse shot over Pointers and Setters, at the Croglin Estate in Cumbria on Monday 25th August, and schedules and entry forms are now available from the Kennel Club website.

The trial will see talented Retrievers of any variety put their working skills to the test as judges Neil Black, Diana Harrison, David Lisett and Phillipa Williams decide on which dogs best demonstrate a natural flair for working for their handler in a competitive environment. 

The trial is unique in that a variety of Pointers and Setters will be used to locate and point the game for their handlers, who will then have the dogs flush the game when the guns are ready.  The game is then retrieved by the competing Retrievers.

Nigel Dear, Kennel Club Field Trial Secretary, said: "We are very much looking forward to the trial at the Croglin Estate and seeing some of the country's top working gundogs competing under the very qualified eyes of our experienced judges.

"The fact that the game is located, pointed and flushed by Pointers and Setters at this trial makes it a collaborative effort between the dogs, which is both interesting to watch and makes this trial very unique.  We are not aware of any other trial in the country that is conducted in this fashion.

"Retriever breeds were traditionally developed to help gather game in the field so field trials that test their natural working ability are an extension of this. The dogs love getting out there and using their instincts and it keeps them mentally and physically stimulated.  We wish everyone who enters the best of luck in the draw to decide which dogs have a chance to compete."

Entries for this trial close on 11th August.  A full list of Kennel Club Field Trials for this season, including schedules and entry forms, can be found at

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