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Breeders Urged To Showcase Dogs In Final Breeders’ Competition

Breeders are being encouraged to enter the last ever Kennel Club Breeders' Competition, which it is hoped will be the biggest and the best yet.

The Kennel Club General Committee has agreed that the Breeders' Competition, which is sponsored by Our Dogs, will be replaced by a new Vulnerable British & Irish Breeds Competition sponsored by Eukanuba, meaning that the Crufts 2015 final of the Breeders' Competition will be the last.

With eight months to go until the final, and five months left to enter, there is still plenty of time for breeders to build teams and accumulate points for this prestigious competition, which has been running for five years and has in total seen 219 teams compete for the winning title.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We encourage breeders to enter the last ever Breeders' Competition, which will take place in the Main Arena at Crufts next year. There is still plenty of time to enter and join the hundreds of breeders whose enthusiasm and commitment to the competition over the years has been fantastic. Winning the competition is such an accolade and testament to the hard work of those who put care into their breeding and produce wonderful, show winning dogs as a result.

"We have made the decision to bring the competition to a close and redirect support into a Vulnerable British & Irish Breeds competition, which will raise awareness of our rare native breeds and recognise those breeders who are dedicated to ensuring their continued survival and prosperity."

Breeders need to accumulate 25 points in order to qualify for the Breeders' Competition final, which could potentially be gained from as few as four General Championship shows.

The Breeders' Competition is scheduled at all Championship shows for every separately classified breed, with or without CCs (Breed Club, Sub Group, Group and General Championship Shows included). Entries can be made on the day of competition, and breeders become eligible to enter by having bred three or four dogs present and being exhibited at that show in that breed.

The Best Breeder in Breed goes through to a Best Breeder in Group Award and a cumulative points system is applied to all wins, as shown below.  Those achieving 25 points in a calendar year will qualify for the Final to be held at Crufts in 2015.

Best Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes          

3 Points

2ndplace Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes          

2 points

3rdplace Breeder in Breed/AVNSC Classes          

1 point

Best Breeder in Group

4 points

2ndplace Breeder in Group

3 points

3rdplace Breeder in Group

2 Points

4thplace Breeder in Group

1 point


More information about the Vulnerable British & Irish Breeds competition, which will be trialled for a year in 2015, will follow in due course.