Rally Regulation Changes Made By The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club has made changes to the current rally regulations, which will come into effect immediately.

Concern was raised regarding Level 2 Bonus Exercise 2, as it was felt that leaving the dog unattended could be stressful and was a potential welfare issue. Consequently, the General Committee has approved the removal of the exercise from the rally rules and regulations.

The removed exercise was as follows:


Two exercise signs are needed for this exercise. At the first sign - Halt Stand for Exam - the handler halts and the dog sits at heel. Handler may leave the heel position and "stack" (or pose) the dog as done in conformation, or may simply cue the dog to stand. Handler may touch the dog to help position the stand, but may not physically force/lift the dog to stand. Handler then returns to heel position, cues the dog to wait or stay, then leaves the dog, walks 1.8 metres away, and turns to face the dog. The judge steps forward and examines the dog briefly, touching the dog lightly making a continuous movement from the head to the base of the tail.


This sign is placed so that it can be observed by the handler after he/she has moved away and turned to face the dog. After the judge has completed the examination of the dog, the handler returns to heel position by passing the dog on the handler's right, turning around behind the dog and moving up into heel position. The handler then cues the dog to heel and moves forward without instruction from the judge.

Please find attached images of the relevant signs. For more information about rally, visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk/activities/rally/.

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