Judging Policy Changed By Kennel Club To Benefit Show Societies

The Kennel Club has altered its policy regarding the maximum number of breeds that should be judged by one person in one day.

The validity of the policy was questioned in view of the falling entries at shows and it was agreed that in the current economic climate, it would benefit societies if they could invite judges to judge more than three breeds with CCs in one day.

The altered policy is as follows (amendments underlined);

The maximum number of dogs of breeds with Challenge Certificates that should be judged by one person in one day is:

One breed - up to 250 dogs

Two breeds - up to 200 dogs

Three or more breeds - up to 150 dogs

There is no limit on the number of breeds with CCs that can be judged in one day, provided that the number of dogs entered across the breeds does not exceed 150.

Nominal absentee rates for that particular show may be taken into consideration.

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