Kennel Club Grants Abs Inspection Extensions Due To Flooding

The Kennel Club recognises that the recent extreme weather conditions have caused exceptional difficulties for both members of the Assured Breeder Scheme and Kennel Club Breeder Assessors in carrying out Kennel Assessment visits. To assist in this situation the Kennel Club is making provision on a case by case basis for Assured Breeders to delay inspection visits, whilst continuing to accept registrations within the scheme, until the situation improves.

It was announced in January that under new scheme requirements, all Assured Breeders who have not been inspected since 1st January 2013, when UKAS standards were first adopted, are required to have an inspection before they can sell and register their litters under the Assured Breeder Scheme banner. Allowances were made for those who mated their bitches before 1st January 2014, when the announcement was first made, and who were not able to accommodate an inspection visit before their pups were due to go to new homes.

However, the Kennel Club is making provision for members who have not been inspected to continue to sell their pups under the Assured Breeder Scheme, where the extreme weather conditions have led to delays in a mutually acceptable inspection date being able to be agreed. These breeders will not receive UKAS accredited certification until a successful inspection visit is completed and, in order to be eligible for consideration for the extension delay, breeders will still be required to tell the Kennel Club if they have a litter planned or expected so that best attempts can be made to prioritise their visit.

Bill Lambert, Assured Breeder Scheme Manager, said: "The recent floods have made travel to some parts of the country untenable and we understand that it is very difficult for our members in the worst hit places to accommodate a visit. Furthermore, some of our assessors have been finding it difficult to travel in the treacherous conditions with, in one case, an assessor having to be rescued from her car.

"As a result we will continue to be flexible with inspection visits and, on a case by case basis, will enable breeders to register their pups under the Assured Breeder Scheme if an inspection visit cannot be accommodated in time. However, we do require that breeders still cooperate fully and tell us if they have a litter planned or due to that we can aim to accommodate as many visits as possible, before their litters are sold."

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