Activities Health and Welfare Sub Group Heelwork To Music/Freestyle Questionnaire

The Kennel Club Activities Health and Welfare Sub Group has recently developed and designed a questionnaire with the aim to investigate the occurrence, frequency and types of injury which occur in dogs that take part in HTM/Freestyle. This study takes a proactive approach into investigating HTM/Freestyle as part of a larger study investigating several of the Working Dog Activity disciplines regulated by the Kennel Club.

We are interested in hearing from dog owners who take part in HTM/Freestyle events, at any level, to fill out a questionnaire for all dogs owned or handled by them. The questionnaire is not restricted to dogs that may have suffered injury taking part in canine events, it is important that owners / handlers of healthy dogs also complete questionnaires.

The questionnaire is not restricted to dogs taking part in Kennel Club licensed events; owners / handlers who participate in "unaffiliated" events or events run under regulations set by other bodies running HTM/Freestyle competitions are also encouraged to participate in the survey.

If you wish to fill in a survey or know anyone who would be interested in this please go to the following link

This questionnaire is also available in a paper copy. Please note that all questionnaires need to be returned no later than the 14thof March 2014.

If you have any further questions or wish to discuss this further please contact: James Oxley ( (0844 463 3980 ext. 326)

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