Two Weeks Until Close Of Kennel Club Pedigree Dog Health Survey

Dog owners have two weeks left to fill out a survey which aims to improve pedigree dog health and build a stronger understanding of the health of all pedigree dog breeds.

The 2014 Pedigree Breed Health Survey, being run by the Kennel Club, is open to owners of all dogs, either living or deceased (since 2004), that are on the Kennel Club breed register. Led by the canine health team at the Kennel Club, it is hoped that the results of the survey will help to provide a clear picture of the prevalence of current health concerns and will enable evidence-based decisions to be made to improve dog health.

The survey will provide data on health, breeding and behaviour, as well as morbidity, and will run until 25 December, and the Kennel Club is encouraging dog owners to fill out the survey within the next two weeks to help build as clear a picture as possible of the state of pedigree dog health.

The project will provide data which can be analysed against results of the Kennel Club's 2004 Purebred Dog Health Survey, which will help to pinpoint the areas which have seen improvement and areas in which further work is needed. 

In designing the survey, the Kennel Club collaborated with breed health coordinators to highlight any health concerns for which breed clubs are particularly interested in finding the prevalence. Veterinary and epidemiological advice on the survey has been provided by Dr Dan O'Neill at the Royal Veterinary College and Katy Evans at the Animal Health Trust.  The behavioural section of the survey was developed with the expertise of Dr Lucy Asher and Naomi Harvey at the University of Nottingham.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "We've been pleased by the success of the Pedigree Breed Health Survey so far.  The number of dog owners who have responded already is very encouraging and will help us to determine the state of pedigree dog health across the board as well as the prevalence of specific diseases in dogs.

"The survey will give the most wide-ranging insight into dog breed health to date so we would encourage as many owners of Kennel Club registered dogs as possible to spend a few minutes filling it out in the next two weeks to help protect the health of our much loved pedigree dogs."

The Pedigree Breed Health Survey was launched as part of the Kennel Club's wider dedication to improving and maintaining pedigree dog health. 

The survey is available at

As an additional incentive to contribute to the survey, the Kennel Club is offering the opportunity to win Amazon vouchers worth £200, £100 and £50.

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