Kent German Wirehaird Pointer First In UK Breed History To Become Dual Champion

A four year old German Wirehaired Pointer from Sevenoaks in Kent has become the first in the breed to be recognised by the Kennel Club as a Dual Champion, both for her talents as a working gundog and a show dog.

Tickencote Talk Tonight, otherwise known as Vindy, owned by Peter and Rita Howard, is the first German Wirehaired Pointer to ever achieve Dual Champion status, having recently won her third Challenge Certificate award at the Birmingham Dog Show Society Championship Dog Show, qualifying her for the title of Show Champion.  This award also made Vindy a Dual Champion because she had previously achieved Field Trial Champion status in 2013, through competing in Hunt, Point and Retrieve field trials.

Peter Howard said: "Vindy truly is a dog in a lifetime and I cannot begin to describe the many pleasurable moments she has given me. She's my rough shooting dog, my trial dog and my show dog and she's a dog in a million.

"I think her Dual Champion title says a lot about the German Wirehaired Pointer as a whole.  It says we have a breed that can do still do both - field work and show.  The breed will only get stronger if we see more people training their dogs for the field as well as the show ring. I've seen so many successful showing German Wirehaired Pointers displaying as much natural ability to hunt, point and retrieve as many of the top working dogs. They have the inherent ability to go beyond Champion status to become the ultimate Dual Champion."

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "Gaining Dual Champion status is a brilliant achievement and we are thrilled for Peter and Rita, and of course Vindy herself, who is helping to pave the way for other dual purpose dogs.  The fact that she is the first in her breed to obtain the coveted dual title makes her achievement even more impressive.  She has certainly shown just what dogs from Kent can do!"

"Field trials enable gundogs to display the natural abilities that they were originally bred for, and to show off that they are fit for function, as gundogs should be.  We want to see more dogs doing well in the show ring and in the field, and Vindy is a wonderful example of this. It is great to see her do so well across both disciplines."

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