Government skills Council To Create The First Ever National Occupational Standard For Canine Sector

The Kennel Club has joined with the UK's Sector Skills Council, in a bid to protect the wellbeing of millions of dogs across the UK, through the development of standards that are specifically designed to ensure consistency and professionalism amongst those working in the canine sector.

Dog trainers and behaviourists will no longer need to refer to generic animal standards that are currently available for the sector, as the Kennel Club today announces that it has helped to develop and fund the first ever canine specific National Occupation Standards (NOS) in association with LANTRA, the UK's Sector Skills Council for land-based and environmental industries. 

To date, dog trainers and behaviourists had to refer to Animal Training and Behaviour NOS but these cover a wide variety of jobs, such as dolphin, elephant and circus animal trainers, and a range of businesses from dog walking and zoos, to animal welfare and rescue. This has meant that many trainers and behaviourists struggle to access key specific skills and knowledge related to their area of expertise to enable them to carry out their job effectively.

As a result, a group of canine specialists suggested to LANTRA the creation of a suite of canine specific NOS and the Kennel Club was brought in to provide expert feedback and the necessary funding for the project to be completed. 

Madge Moore, Director - Skills Partnerships at LANTRA said: "National Occupational Standards describe the skills and knowledge required to carry out a job to an acceptable standard, recognised by the industry. As such they provide the foundation for training and qualifications and set the standard for people working in the industry now and in the future.

"Getting these standards right matters and LANTRA draws on people with the relevant experience and expertise to achieve this. We are therefore pleased that the Kennel Club is contributing their wealth of knowledge to this project."

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "The existing generic animal standards didn't meet the distinctive needs of dog trainers and behaviourists which could lead to lack of knowledge and confusion when it came to dealing with situations specific to dogs and potentially put dogs' wellbeing and welfare at risk.

"By having canine specific standards we are protecting the welfare of dogs. The new NOS will offer those who work with dogs nationally recognised, credible and externally verified standards and we hope that they will help ensure that dog owners get a safe, knowledgeable and professional experience."

The Development of the NOS supports the KCAI scheme, UK's only nationally recognised qualification for Dog Trainers & behaviourists.

The consultation phase runs until 15th September and the new NOS should be published towards the end of October.

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