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New Listed Status Clubs To Hold Heelwork To Music Shows

To encourage more people to get involved with heelwork to music, the Kennel Club has opened up the opportunity for more organisations to run heelwork competitions as well as developing a wider range of enjoyable formats for competition and training options.

Following on from the successful implementation of 'listed status' for rally and agility it was considered that the format would also be of benefit to other Kennel Club activities. Listed status allows those who do not want to undergo the full requirements of running a registered society to run Kennel Club licenced shows or training.

Organisations which want to hold heelwork to music shows can now apply to be registered as a listed status club with the Kennel Club.  Once approved, listed status organisations will be able to run heelwork to music shows to suit those who prefer a more relaxed and less competitive type of show e.g. starter level.

These changes have been introduced to give all independent organisers the opportunity to run Kennel Club licensed events under their own name, and the ability to offer dog owners the reassurance of Kennel Club quality and standards.  These changes provide all organisers with much more flexibility in designing the shows and events they put on.

The new show categories comprise:


This is a new name for shows that have qualifying heats for any of the KC major events. This could be for Crufts or any future KC qualifying event. Organisers can schedule their choice of official categories and classes.

Societies running Premier Shows will be fully registered organisations only.


Organisers can schedule their choice of official categories and classes, except for qualifying heats for any of the major KC events.

Societies running Open HTM Shows may be fully registered organisations or a listed status club.

Existing registered societies which already hold heelwork to music competitions will now have the opportunity to hold both the new categories of events. 

To find out more about applying for listed status, please contact or go to for full details.