Kennel Club Changes Policies For First Time CC Judges And Appeals For Non-Approved CC Judges

The Kennel Club General Committee has altered its policies on the consideration of appeals against non-approval to award Challenge Certificates and the process of evaluations for first time CC judges.

As before, appeals must be received within six weeks of the decision not to approve a judge to award CCs for an appointment and must be accompanied by a letter of support from the nominating society.  Appeals can only be made on the basis that significant new information is available, or circumstances have changed since the questionnaire was originally considered.

The Kennel Club has now decided that failing to include all available information in a questionnaire will not be considered an adequate basis upon which to appeal.  If further information becomes available between the time of submitting a questionnaire to the Kennel Club and that questionnaire being considered by the Judges Sub Committee, the judge and/or nominating society must make every effort to ensure that such information is forwarded to the Committee for consideration in a timely fashion.

The Kennel Club has also altered its policy on the evaluation of first time CC judges.  Although it is vital to assess a first time CC judge's grasp of Kennel Club regulations, their ring procedure and the rate at which they judge, it is recognised that it is often difficult for breed clubs or councils to arrange an evaluation.  To assist, experienced judges, defined in this instance as those who have been previously approved to award two breeds with CCs in a group, need not now be evaluated every time they are approved for a new (or additional) breed in that group.

If breed clubs and councils cannot provide an evaluator for experienced judges, the Kennel Club will no longer appoint one. Should an experienced judge not perform to the level expected, or if they breach the code of best practice, the matter will be brought to the Kennel Club's attention via the complaints procedure.

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