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Kennel Club Microchipping debate success at Westminster

MPs, Ministers and Animal Welfare Charities joined forces at a House of Commons debate yesterday (Thursday June 6th), hosted by the Kennel Club to discuss the implications of compulsory microchipping.         

The debate held during National Microchipping Month, provided an invaluable opportunity for Defra to hear opinions, concerns and ideas from a range of stakeholders. Questions posed and opinions expressed at yesterday's debate will ultimately assist in the successfully implementation of compulsory microchipping regulations. Those involved in microchipping and dog welfare were interested in how the law could be implemented and enforced as well as what effect this would have on dogs and owners, those who offer microchipping, the police and animal welfare charities.

It was agreed that the primary principle of microchipping should be reunification of lost dogs with their owners and Animal Welfare Minister, Lord de Mauley highlighted how the legislation will help to speed up reunification and reduce the stress on our overburdened welfare organisations and local authorities.

Concerns rested on the worryingly low numbers of pet owners who keep their contact details updated.In a survey conducted by Petlog, 40% of dog owners did not know if their microchip database had up to date contact information.

Celia Walsom, Petlog Executive has long been concerned with out of date information and stressed that those who implant microchips had a responsibility to ensure dog owners are aware of how a microchip works and the importance of keeping contact details up to date. Celia said: "Implanters need to make sure that the owner is fully aware of what a microchip does, how it works and that they should remember to update their contact details whenever they change. Too many owners think they have done all they need to do by getting their pet microchipped and are unaware of the follow-up required."

For ten years the Kennel Club and Petlog have been running National Microchipping Month to highlight the benefits of microchipping and to inform pet owners about the need to keep contact details up to date. This year, with the regulation change imminent in April 2016, National Microchipping Month is also raising awareness of what is happening in regards to legislation. Throughout National Microchipping Month this July, Petlog Premium is being offered for just £7.50 (normally £10); by upgrading customers are able to update contact details as as often as necessary at no additional cost.

Professor Steve Dean, Chairman of the Kennel Club was positive about the potential outcome of today's meeting, he said: "We are grateful to all MPs and Ministers for attending the debate, hosted by Neil Parish MP. It was an undeniably progressive meeting, with all parties agreeing on the importance of the upcoming legislation. A number of people made interesting and constructive comments about the implementation and the positive results we expect to see as a result of compulsory microchipping."

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