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Results Of Kennel Club Working Trials Championship

Midlands Border Collie Club hosted the popular Kennel Club Working Trial Championship at Scalford Hall, Leicestershire, from Thursday 17th to Saturday 19th October, with the event kindly sponsored by Arden Grange.

The Championship saw the highest calibre of working trial dogs put through their paces via a series of activities to determine champions for both Tracking Dogs (TD) and Patrol Dogs (PD).

PD judge Eric Roberts selected the following winner:

TD judge Jean Howells selected the following winner:

The Kennel Club congratulates the winners of both competitions and all those who competed at the event. With so many different aspects to working trials, the dogs must be obedient, focused and full of energy to pass each set task. The handlers should be commended for their ability and skill to train their dogs in such a variety of activities.

The Kennel Club would like to thank Midlands Border Collie Club, particularly Barrie James and his team, for organising a hugely successful championship, Arden Grange who sponsor the event, and to Scalford Hall for providing a great venue.

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