Coton De Tulear Club Of The UK

At its meeting on 8thOctober 2013, the Kennel Club General Committee received a report on the Coton de Tulear Club of the UK. After due consideration, the Committee has issued the following directives to the club.

  1. That the club is warned that it is in breach of Kennel Club Regulations C3.a.(15) and C4.a.(1)(b)(ii) and that any further reported breaches of Regulations may result in a review of the club's registered status.
  1. That the club may seek approval of the 2012 accounts at its AGM next year. Copies of the accounts must be made readily available to members in the interim.         
  1. That the club will be closely monitored. It is strongly advised to stabilise and to avoid further disharmony amongst the membership.
  1. That the club is required to submit copies of all committee meeting minutes until further notice.
  1. That a press release detailing these directives will be issued.

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Coton de Tulear Club
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