Christmas Concern As Pester Power Of Children Makes One In Four Parents Buy A Dog

But too many dogs abandoned because they are the wrong breed for family's lifestyle:

  • One in four dog owning households got a dog because of 'pester power'
  • One in ten admit their child picked their chosen breed or crossbreed
  • One in ten do no research about different breeds' care needs
  • Concern ahead of Christmas period as one in ten still buy dogs as Christmas presents
  • Unique Discover Dogs event enables people to meet 200 breeds under one roof and online homework packs for kids help them make the right choice

Research has revealed that children are wearing the trousers when it comes to decisions about dog ownership, as one in four dog owning households admit that pester power from their children made them decide to buy a dog.

Furthermore, one in ten says that their children chose the breed or crossbreed that they ended up buying. With more and more people turning to the internet to buy a dog, it seems that the tech-savvy younger generation are having a greater say than ever over our nation's choice of dog and the Kennel Club is concerned that this will translate into hundreds of dogs being bought on a whim in the lead up to Christmas, particularly as the research found that one in ten people still buy dogs as presents.

The Kennel Club's Discover Dogs survey, which has been conducted ahead of its Discover Dogs event taking place at Earls Court on 9 and 10 November, has also revealed that too many people are buying a dog without realising that there are great differences between the care needs of the different breeds and crossbreeds, which is why so many dogs end up in rescue homes when people cannot later cope with the dog they choose. One in ten admits that they did no research about their chosen breed but bought their puppy because of the way that it looked and a further 40 percent say that they chose their puppy because they liked the way that the breed looked overall.

According to Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations, 'wrong breed' and 'can't cope' account for 15 percent of the dogs that need to be rehomed, a situation that could be easily avoided with the right research. Only 17 percent of people in the Kennel Club's Discover Dogs survey say that their choice of dog was influenced by whether it would suit their lifestyle.

The Kennel Club has launched a Discover Dogs homework pack for children, to help them to do vital research about dog ownership. These packs are available ahead the Kennel Club's unique Discover Dogs event, sponsored by Eukanuba and Metro Bank, where people can meet more than 200 breeds of dog.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "Children have a major influence on their parents' decision to buy a dog in the first place, and then over which type of dog they buy. In the lead up to Christmas we want families to be thinking carefully about whether a dog is right for them, and if so which breed would suit their lifestyle, rather than buying on a whim, and this is what the Discover Dogs event is all about.

"We have released the Discover Dogs homework packs to help children get all of the information that they and their parents need to make the right choice about their lifelong companion. This ranges from the type of dog they buy, where they buy it from, and what that dog will need throughout its life."

Children under 12 years old go free to the Kennel Club's Discover Dogs event, where they will be entertained in the Young Kennel Club Kids' Zone with fun dog displays, face painting, treasure hunts and much more.

The Young Kennel Club is open to children aged 6-24 years old and it helps young dog lovers to learn new skills, understand more about dogs, to build confidence and to make new friends. The homework pack can be found at

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