Challenge Certificate Allocation 2016

At its recent meeting, the Kennel Club General Committee agreed that no breed would lose any sets of CCs for the 2016 allocation. Instead, the 2015 allocation will be used for 2016, with additional CCs allocated but no reductions.

The Kennel Club has decided against making any reductions in the number of CCs available to a number of breeds in 2016, having noted the results of the consultation with breed clubs and having listened to comments and concerns expressed whilst attending shows. The General Committee felt that to reduce the allocation at this time could be considered detrimental to the current show scene.

The additional sets of CCs will be made to eight breeds - Boston Terrier, Finnish Lapphund, Bull Terrier (Miniature), Chihuahua (Long Coat), Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla, French Bulldog, Portuguese Water Dog, Pug - with an extra 14 sets of CCs to be added to the allocation.

During its debate, the General Committee agreed that a working party would be established under the chairmanship of Keith Young to investigate ways to re-popularise exhibiting at dog shows. Its remit will include a comprehensive review of the protocols used to establish the number of CCs to be allocated for each breed and the criteria used to decide which shows and clubs the CCs are allocated to.

The Kennel Club would like to thank all of the breed clubs and councils which participated in the consultation; all the comments and proposals were very much appreciated. The full allocation will be published on the Kennel Club website in November (once all the paperwork has been dispatched to all the show societies and breed clubs) and in the December issue of the Kennel Gazette.

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