Young Kennel Club Re-Launches Outward Bound Course

The Kennel Club is once again sponsoring the popular Outward Bound initiative, which is returning next summer (2014) for Young Kennel Club (YKC) senior members, providing them with a unique opportunity to gain important skills that will help set them up for an exciting future.

Taking place at the Outward Bound centre on the edge of beautiful Ullswater in the Lake District from 27th- 29thJune, YKC members will be provided with invaluable experience throughout the course.

The YKC hopes that the course will help develop the skills and experiences of its members to benefit the club and the dog world both now and in the future. 

The course follows an effective yet simple formula; instructors teach new skills and then provide the chance to practice and refine them before inviting young people to take on more responsibility. Various skills are developed and may vary dependent on the course; previous themes have included teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, communication skills, problem solving, leadership and project management.

Young Kennel Club Manager, Lucy Smith, says: "We are delighted to provide this fantastic opportunity for our senior members. Not only will it equip them with key life skills, but it promises to be a fun weekend away with likeminded people. 

"Following completion of the course, YKC members can maximise the skills learned and apply these when helping with the organisation of our activities and events."

Places on the YKC's Outward Bound course are open to members over 18 years of age. Places are limited and applying does not guarantee a place. Each application will be judged on its own merit and successful applicants may need to attend an interview at the Kennel Club.

Please bear in mind that anyone whose application is accepted will be making a definite commitment to attend the course and can only be cancelled in exceptional circumstances.

To be considered to attend the course, please visit and complete the online application. For further information, please contact the YKC office on 020 7518 1030 or

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