Best Dog And Bitch Announced At Discover Dogs

The Companion Dog Club Competition once again took centre stage at Discover Dogs at the weekend, with dogs competing for the ultimate title of Best Dog or Bitch.

Best Overall Dog was awarded to Doodles, a crossbreed who had previously won Best Rescue earlier on in the day and Best Overall Bitch was awarded to Millie, a crossbreed who had previously won Most Appealing Eyes on Sunday before making it through to the closely contested final.

Judges of the coveted titles included Mugly, 2012's World's Ugliest Dog; canine behaviourists Carolyn Menteith and Sarah Fisher; as well as Merlin star Anthony Head.  The judges took into account the importance of dog training and responsible dog ownership and judged the entrants on good character, health and temperament.

The competition saw almost two hundred dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes step into the ring to compete in a series of fun categories. The dogs were split by sex, with the dogs taking centre stage on Saturday 9th, and the bitches followed suit on Sunday 10th.

Full list of winners below -

Best Overall Dog - Doodles, a crossbreed (Owner - Emma Morris)

Best Overall Bitch - Millie, a crossbreed (Owner - Dia Bates)

Novelty Classes

  • Prettiest Crossbreed Bitch - Jessie, a Great Dane/Mastiff cross (Owner - Julie Barratt)
  • Most Handsome Crossbreed Dog - Vito (Owner - Jackie Francis)
  • Best Rescue - Daisy May, a crossbreed (Owner - Lynn Freeman) and Doodles, a crossbreed (Owner - Emma Morris)
  • Most Appealing Eyes - Millie, a crossbreed (Owner - Dia Bates) and Frank, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Owner - Rachel Mailley)
  • Dog The Judge Would Most Like To Take Home - Kheva, Pyrenean Sheepdog (Owner - Jeanna Gwilliam) and Henry, a Collie cross (Owner - Maggie Goodman).

Purebred Classes - open to any breed of purebred dog (judged by Dr Ian Gabriel)

  • Any Variety Sporting: Hound, Gundog, Terrier - Whimsy, a Greyhound (Owner - Linda McFarlane) and Gunner, a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (Owner -  Lynnette Garstang)
  • Any Variety Non Sporting: Toy, Utility, Working, Pastoral - Coco Chanel, a Shih Tzu (Owner - Sharon Galliford) and Ashley, a Lowchen (Owner - Joyce and Linda McFarlane)

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: "The Companion Dog Club is the ultimate club for dog lovers, as all dogs are welcome to take part. The range of breeds and crosses that competed at the weekend was impressive. Congratulations to the winners."

Established in 2001, the Companion Dog Club is a great way to become part of the world of dogs, and celebrate the joy of dog ownership with other people.

The competition is held in support of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust which looks after the health and welfare of all dogs. The Kennel Club Charitable Trust funds a wide variety of work, ranging from supporting research into canine diseases, grants to dog welfare organisations and the promotion of support dogs, all of which give dogs a healthier and happier life.

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