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Kennel Club launches Breeder Education Seminars with expert panel

A new programme of seminars will provide dog breeders with the latest advice from prominent industry experts on improving breeding practices and rearing programmes.

Run by the Kennel Club and Royal Canin, the seminars will give breeders the invaluable opportunity to hear from highly regarded professionals in the world of canine health. The experts include Dr Cathryn Mellersh, from the Kennel Club Genetics Centre at the Animal Health Trust, Dr Angelika von Heimendahl, from the Veterinary Reproduction Service, and Dr Lorna Kennedy, Senior Scientist at the University of Manchester.

The seminars, which will take place throughout England and Scotland between September and December, are open to novice and experienced breeders alike. The panel will guide breeders through topics such as avoiding caesareans, identifying a good DNA test and dealing with autoimmune conditions.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "We are pleased to offer these important seminars that will undoubtedly help to improve the future health of our dogs. With such a prestigious panel of speakers, the seminars are a not to be missed opportunity for all dog breeders, whether they are looking to breed for the first time or have years of experience; even the most experienced breeders will find these seminars useful.

"The Kennel Club is passionate about creating a future of happy and health dogs and it is through seminars like these, and working with breeders that we will continue to achieve this. We have thousands of great breeders on the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme who are putting health first, and through seminars like these they, and those breeders not yet in the Assured Breeder Scheme, are able to take advantage of the latest expert advice and continue to improve the health of dogs."

The seminars cost £25 per person, which includes morning refreshments, a buffet lunch, afternoon refreshments and a delegate pack. To book a place at any of the seminars, please visit For further information, or to request a booking form, please email Fay Moore.