Further Guidance On High Profile Breed List Removal Criteria

The Kennel Club has released additional guidance on the criteria for removal of breeds from the high profile breed list.      

The criteria, agreed by the Kennel Club General Committee, has taken into consideration the views of high profile breed representatives and the hard work and dedication already applied to breed health improvement. Representatives from high profile breeds were consulted for their view on the guidance to ensure existing information on visible conditions and their prevalence in breeds is quantified within the criteria.          

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: "The High Profile Breed List Removal Criteria Guidance has been developed as an achievable framework to provide breed representatives with the support necessary to develop and sustain the health improvements already made. We believe that a collaborative approach between breeders, exhibitors, veterinary surgeons and the Kennel Club will ensure a healthy, happy future for these breeds."       

The aim of the criteria is to offer support and advice to breed representatives in making the breed health improvements necessary for removal from the high profile breed list. Breed representatives will be contacted over the coming weeks by the Kennel Club's High Profile Breed Coordinator, Charlotte McNamara who will offer advice and support on developing current breed health initiatives to ensure they meet the requirements of the guidance criteria.   

Kathryn Symns Executive of Canine Activities commented: "The Kennel Club believes education of judges is a key requirement of the High Profile Breed Removal Criteria Guidance.  Breed representatives play a crucial role in helping judges understand the unique challenges that face these breeds.  Their on-going work is vital in helping judges identify exaggerations that can cause pain or discomfort.  We are confident in the ability of High Profile Breed representatives to continue to work closely not only with judges but also with breeders, xxhibitors, vets and the Kennel Club itself to maintain and build upon the breed improvements that are in place."   

The High Profile Breed List Removal Criteria Guidance for Breed Representative(s) is available to view on the Kennel Club website - click here to download. For more information please contact Charlotte McNamara, High Profile Breed Coordinator charlotte.mcnamara@thekennelclub.org.uk

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